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Alternative Agricultural Opportunities

Women in Today’s Agriculture 

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The National Youth in Today’s Agriculture

Rural Economic & Cooperative Development

Risk Management for Small Farmers

Marketing/Outlet-Food Safety

Sustainable & Organic Practices

Environmental Issues

Stamp-Out Hunger Project

Bio-diesel on Farm Production

Solar Power Energy Project

Food Policy Education

Inside Greenhouse
Organic Strawberries
Free Range Poultry Farm
Garden Soil

​Our programs allow us to meet our goals of:

  • SUPPORTING black and other small family farmers as stewards, environmentalist, owners, and operators of small family farms in North Carolina. Support programs for women and the next generation of family farmers.


  • INFORMING farmers of training being conducted locally, regionally, and nationally, and of farm bill policy and how it impacts them.


  • EDUCATING farmers on new and proven technologies, on environmental risks, regulations, and consequences of violations. 


  • CONNECTING farmers to markets and train farmers to recognize and capitalize on Market Share that they don’t ordinarily seek.


  • BUILDING a farmer network to form collaborations.


  • ADVOCATING on behalf of the small farmer to bring awareness to his issues and concerns.

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